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I've owned my 2005 Scenic auto for 18 months. I'm disappointed with reliability. I've had the compulsory coil failure and squeaky brakes,coupled with air con & radio failure. Latest problems are heater fan failure and headlight problems.

I'm seriously considering getting rid before the warranty expires 'cos it's just too much hassle to keep a scenic on the road.

I've joined to get more info on replacing the headlight.

Yours dissapointedly

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Hi there and welcome to Renault Forums, sorry to hear of all your problems, hopefully a member with a similar vehicle or one of the tech guys will give you some advice soon,
Regards Leroy

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Hi Mowerman, I nicked this post for you from Scenicman I believe. The best thing to do on this forum is to do a search first, there are many posts on different problems that can be found just by putting the problem in the search box.


Well 2 hours today finally got my headlight bulb changed in the Scenic. In case it happens to you, here is how to do it (that is if you don't have a friendly dealer who will do it for nothing!

Halfords bulb to use is No 477, think it was £8.99, the dealer wanted over double that. The bulb is not shown in the wee guide book at the bulbs, had to ask at the parts desk.

Now this was passenger side bulb so firstly, unscrew the bolts on top of the battery cover and lift out of place. It is also held onto the front bulkhead with some sort of poppet which I couldn't free up so just twisted the cover out of the way.

Slipping your hand down as close to the battery as you can as opposed to the wingside) you will find a large rubber cover. Remove this simply by peeling away at the edges. Under that you will find the rear of the bulb. Now handbook says try and disconnect socket at rear of bulb, but a quarter turn in the combined unit will remove it all from the light. Then prise the bulb and the holder apart (I had to use a screwdriver for leverage).

Put new bulb on and clamp the socket back onto the bulb. Now switch your lights on to make sure bulb is working. On the bulb, there is a "prong". Now on the rear of the headlight there are protruding "screws" at the 3 o'clock and 9 o'clock position. You want to slip the bulb into the hole, making sure the prong is approx 8 O'clock, and then turn slightly clockwise and this will lock it into position.

Replace rubber cover, replace battery cover and tighten screws and hey presto, all done!

Now between SWMBO and myself, I reckon we have well into double figures of cuts and scrapes, but job done!

Incidentally, the drivers side looks a lot easier, just unclip the washer bottle and move out of way to have (almost) full access to the bulb.

Hope this is of help to someone!
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