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I have a 1999 Renault Laguna I and have recently encountered problems with the immobiliser, where it flashes once i've turned ignition on, thus preventing the car starting. I was given a quick fix suggestion of disconnecting the battery for a coiple of minutes, which worked and i had the next 6 weeks of no more trouble. In the last week, the problem has arisen again, but this time it would take 10 mins to reset the immobiliser and it happened daily. Now this quick fix has failed completely and no longer rectifies the problem, hence car no longer working.
I've contacted a Renault garage, asking whether the immobiliser could be disconnected, only to be told, no, due to insurance reasons. Tried an Autoelectronics garage, who told me the same thing, but said they could fit a bypass system for £250 + vat. No chance; car's not worth much more than that, so i'm wondering if there maybe any other solutions out there.
Be grateful of any responses.
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