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Well, my scenic -98 went dead a saturday night and i had to take the U-bahn to get home.:mad: After a few phone calls to the local Renault garage i got my immobilizer code and was able to start the car again. :) Now my problem is that I cant get the keys to synch with the car system. I have tried the mobile phone camera trick and looked for the blue light, and its there, so i know that they are sending the IR-signal.
Can anybody tell me, step by step, how to make the keys synch with the car?:confused:

My swedish friends tell me to get a car instead of the frog vehicle that i´m driving. By car they mean something like a volvo or maybe a german one. When i tell them about the delay to get my french car started ( because of having to wait for the lamp to blink the code) they go really happy.
:rofl: Please help me to make them shut up!
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