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Hi there, first vist for me, looking for some help as my local mechanic is struggling to find the fault.

Bought a 2nd hand Scenic RX4 2.0 16v (2000) in November, which seems to have an overfuelling fault which coincides with a misfire, leading to 2 breakdowns so far!!!

Runs fine normally, then suddenly starts firing on 3 cylinders and emitting loads of white smoke from unburnt fuel. Crawler mode kicks in and I'm stranded. Switch off and restart does nothing, next day it will blow excess fuel/ smoke through the exhaust and fault has cleared. I've replaced a full set of pencil coils and spark plugs so it's not them. Problem is that when it gets to the garage the fault isn't happening.

The AA man did read 2 codes from diagnostics - 1) Lambda sensor fail + 2) Injector no. 3 fault, but thought that may have been caused by 1) the over fuelling and 2) him disconnecting injectors one by one to test it respectively. He thought that it was an injector sticking wide open.

My own local mech thinks the same on the lambda sensor and in fairness is not keen to replace parts (injector/s if they don't need to be). He also thought that it could be a computer fault?

Has anybody any ideas on how to diagnose/ resolve this, as usual cost comes into it as you know? Can injectors which stick open be fixed by the use of fuel additives etc?

The only other coincidence from both occasions was that it was raining heavily.

Many thanks in advance and good to be here!!!

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