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Is there a commonly occurring problem spot in the Mk 1 Laguna electrics ? I have a 97 2.2dt estate, and have various symptoms :

Occasional battery drain
Stop light coming on sometimes
ABS/SERV light coming on sometimes
Wipers/windows working v slowly
Left indicator working too fast when brake lights on.

I've had several batteries and a new alternator, and the problems come and go every so often. Just wondered if there is a common place to look, rather than embarking on a needle in a haystack search for a bad connection or short somewhere ...



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I'd say the place to start are the earth connections between the battery and the body,and the body and the engine.They have been known to corrode and cause allsorts of problems.

The whole wiring loom under the bonnet can also suffer from corroded wires.Look for tell-tale greening of connections,and also pull the wires as sometimes the only thing holding the wire together is the outer insulation!.I had this on my previous Lag dTi......
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