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I have an X reg Clio 1.1 grande with an unusual problem. I have found one similar topic but the faults were quite different.

My speedometer intermittently stops working and the milometer and trip do not increase during these periods.

However i get no warning lights and no obvious causes at each failure. (rain / heater on / bumps in the road etc.) It does seem to occur more often if i take a corner at speed.

There are a few things that fix the problem

1. Stopping, turning everything off and waiting 5 minutes.
2. A very sharp left hand turn often stops it
3. This is the one that makes me think the fault is electrical and serious. If i open a door (obviously at low speeds), shut the door and wait the central locking comes back on and instantly the speedo is back agian.

The MOT is due in three weeks so i've been waiting and hoping it would fix itself but it hasn't.

I'm hoping not to have to go to a renault dealer for cost so is it something a generic garage (who gives my family a good rate) could fix

Many Thanks
Paul Plumridge
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