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Hi all,

I am the proud owner of a Laguna 2 Super Tourer Initiale, having upgraded from a Laguna 2 Hatchback, need more room for boys toys etc. However shock horry when I discovered my lovely leather seats have several holes in them?? Having seen a few threads its apparent that the previous owner had 2 ISOFIX child seats installed!!!
My Question is does Renault provide a service where the seats can be restiched? If not I can do this myself but have noticed that the seats have zips but no zippers attached? Is there a tool out there that can be purchased to re-zip the seats if I repair them?

Any help would be most appreciated.



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Hi there, I regularly have to repair holes/tears in seats (cloth & leather/vinyl), and I would suggest the following action;

  1. fill the holes with material (cotton wool, cloths, etc) this will ensure that the leather has something to support it.
  2. I would then use something as 'backing' material - it has to be non-absorbent (you want the glue on the surface, so it makes contact) - it can be a piece of vinyl (for example).
  3. this material (once it has been cut to size) is then fed through the tear, and positioned so it is central to the tear.
  4. Superglue would then be applied (sparingly) around the inside edges of the tear and the leather lined up so as to meet - the vinyl is acting as a bridge - allowing a greater contact area (therefore more strength).
I use different products (available only to the profession), but these items, found in most households, will give a satisfactory result, if care & patience is given to the task.

Hope that helps,

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