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I have a Kangoo 2003 1.5 dci which has 2 problems I think may be related to one fault.

Firstly when climbing hills in third, fourth and fifth gear at around 2800 rpm I will get 3 lights flash on the dashboard and go off once the rpm has lowered or gear change. I do not lose any power and i am still able to climb the hill fine. I have had a machine linked up to the van as the lights on the dash flash and the fuel pressure is reading over 1400 bar. After about 100 miles of driving the glow plug light will come on and stay on until the van codes have been read and removed. The code i get is DF137.

The other fault is when i'm sitting in slow moving and roll, the van will rev up very slightly from idle (850rpm) to about 1100 rpm and then it will stop revving once the wheels have stopped moving. This can bring the glow plug light on (if sitting in traffic for more than 5 minutes) but the light will go out after about a mile of driving without traffic.

I am maybe thinking it could be the fuel pressure sensor or the regulator? Any help will be appreciated!

Thanks in advance.

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