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Before I make a start on removing the rack, do I need to remove the sub frame to get the old one out.?

And do I need to know any other tricks to get it done correctly.

Many thanks

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Welcome to the forum this is your first post so had to be checked by me before it could be posted..your post is now live so good luck..


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Just drop the subframe down..
Make sure steering wheel is in the Straight ahead position.
You separate the track rod ends, drop them back in place, put nuts on
Then turn steering back to the straight ahead position.
Now disconnect track rod ends..
Bottom pinch bolt on the column..................................
You might have to turn the steering slightly to get at this, MAKE sure you set the steering back to the straight ahead position,
AIR BAG , you have a ribbon inside a part called the squib ( Steering wheel electrics )
If you are not in the straight ahead position when you fit the column to the rack, you can/will damage this ribbon
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