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Hi all, I hope this hasn't been covered before, & I apologise
if it has, but I can't find the thread.:crazy:

My 2001 Kangoo Helios Est. has developed a clutch judder, when pulling away in first. I've had it from new & it now has 55,000 on the clock. I've been experiencing this for the past 3 weeks & it appears it could be getting worse, I just hope that's my imagination:confused:

Any ideas/help/advice would be appreciated.


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Clutch judder is usually caused by the following things...

A worn or broken engine mounting

A clutch plate which is contaminated by oil

The face of the flywheel has gone slightly out of shape

A sprung loaded flywheel that is worn(not sure if your car has one of these)

A clutch plate that has worn torque springs in it

I'd start by having the engine mountings check and go from there.:)
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