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Driving home last night when going from 4th gear to fifth gear my foot slipped off clutch and i revved engine out, afterwards engine had no power whatsoever.

Pulled in and had a look, noticed the pipe from the air filter box was loose so re tightened her up but still no change, limped her home!! Slightest scent of a hill required first gear!!

Today, Cleaned out EGR valve, found little chunk of carbon and black oil build up

Cleaned all electrical connections, blew out all available pipelines of oil

Tightened up loose clamp on turbo

New air filter installed.

Checked Boost pressure pipes for blockages, none found also checked other pipes for blocks, nothing found

Lots of blue smoke on engine start up and during driving

Pulling my hair out now wondering what to look at next!!

Turbo will not kick in at all now, engine just revs up without turbo....

When not in gear, engine revs up but splutters and shudders around 3000 rpm upwards, I disconnected sensor on side of air box and this clears shuddering of engine? but still no turbo, slight engine ticking/ pinging has come into engine that wasnt there before!

No lights on dash or indications of a problem, I dont have scanner to check for fault codes.

I'd really appreciate your help on this one lads

Kangoo is 2006 1.5dci with 120,000kms

Thanks in advance for your advice and help!!

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To be honest the governor should have saved the engine, but if a engine is suddenly given full revs that is not normally driven that way and as a lot of miles up it can cause ring problems, a compression test may give a clue as to whats going on.

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Thanks for the advice, the engine is running fine at idle and when the sensor is plugged out on the side of the air box it revs up through the rpm range just fine, no misfire or anything like that just no turbo input, granted there is the blue smoke at high revs which would indicate burning oil and the new faint ticking/pinging noise from the engine when idling.

A stuck ring would have serious impact on how an engine idles and how it sounds when rev up through normal range wouldnt it? I also have no means of carrying out a compression check but thanks for the advice Ralph.

I have read on the forums here that guys have had problems with:

1.Turbo pressure solenoid valve
2.Vacuum pipe & restricting jet
3.Turbo pressure & temp sensor
4.Dirty electrical contacts

I would check these possibilities if i could find out where they are on the engine and how to check there working correctly?

There seems to be no build up of pressure at all in the turbo system during test drive just extra engine noise when you would expect the turbo to kick in and I've checked the associated pipes for signs of cracks or leaks too but nothing found. The Turbo wastegate is'nt stuck either as i could move it against the spring

Hope some one can help

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