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lag II tyre pressure warning con


Just got my lag II back from the dealers.

I had a flat battery one morning then all hell broke loose in the wallet department!!

New uch unit £606!! because the windscreen is leaking around the rubber seal and there was water in the drivers footwell.

Needed a new battery at £120 as they have to diconnect EVERYTHING.

New Fuel Pressure Sensor at £357!! because the warning mode kicked in FUEL INJECTION FAULT and EPS FAULT.

Then when it was time to get it back they said "everything is ok now, just that tyre pressure sensor coming on, - but you know about that dont you??"

I finally flipped over a GRAND later and 2 weeks without a car, and they said it had had more problems.

I demanded they fix that little problem out and to my disbelief they told me they had put my tyre pressure on WINTER MODE so they will change the parimeter back to SUMMER as you can have it changed from WINTER to SUMMER mode. What a big money scam!

I couldn't believe you have to get this changed and they charge you for it!

She said not everyone knows about this as it comes up as a fault code.

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:crazy: :crazy: :crazy: i hope you have much better luck in the future my friend i do not have those tyre sensors on my Espace and neither do i want them either ever:steam: i would have them disconnected iam afraid
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