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1995 rxe
2.0 , 8 valve

Hi all , hope som1 can help , it’s the classic Laguna auto gearbox after a few weeks of having the car I swapped the head off another engine block gasket ect ( broken valve ) no problems for a while , few months later the service light came on and the gearbox went into safety mode (on board message). Changed the gearbox oil still the same however after a few weeks the gearbox returned to normal no more problems over winter. Come the 1st of few days of spring (hot weather) and the gearbox went back into safety mode , driving it a short while and restarting the car seemed to fix it (maybe the cold start that was a problem not sure) anyways the gearbox is now in constant safety mode as soon as I turn the key. With this type of random safety mode I think it’s an electrical problem of some sort.

After some reach search I think it’s the gearbox line pressure sensor. Can som1 tell me the symptoms and how to test it via voltmeter / hot wire or any other means. A brake down of a checklist would be helpful to in order to track down the problem.

Would get a diagnostic check but its not obd and the cost from Renault isn’t worth it.
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