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Hi all, any help would be appreciated!
I have a Lag 2 04 Initiale with the F4R 2.0 engine.
Today i was driving along through town using the speed limited at 30MPH, as i was coming out of town i put my foot down (to take off the speed limiter) and for some reason it got stuck, the engine revs when right up and luckly i managed to make a turn into a street, there was smoke coming from the engine and that horrible clutch smell. I have two questions, first off what could casue the accelarator to stick on?
Also i think i will be needing a new clutch, as i called the AA out who told me the smell was the clutch itself, i wondered how much this costs and also does my car have a normal flywheel or a DMF?
Its the F4R 2.0 ltr engine. This is the first time the car has had this issue and the revs only lasted about 20- 30 secs

Would really appreciate any help,
Thanks in advance!
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