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Having checked the various threads to my problem, I have successfully fixed one of my key cards so it now works perfectly. So I thought I would post my method to help others.

As described by others my key card also had a rattle as well as not locking the car, so I presumed that the locking microswitch had came loose.

See attached pics.

After carefully taking the key card apart with a sharp Stanley blade. Don't cut too deep, as you can see from pic 1 the PCB is very near the edges. You will also need to cut around the emergency key & battery slots slots, and the top wee hole carefully (do not cut the battery contacts).

Looking at pic 2 (close-up) the two small square-shaped objects, 1 top left and the other diagonally right & below, are the open and lock microswitches respectively. The lower right one was the "rattle" in my key card.

I simply examined the back of the loose microswitch and the contacts on the PCB and glued the switch back into place, taking care not to get glue on the contacts !. I added a bit more glue over the top of the icroswitch just to hold it in place and HEY PRESTO - IT WORKED. I only needed to glue both halves of the key card back together (try a dry-fit first before you glue it, just to check it all works within the casing), replace the battery and emergency key, and then I could lock my car again.

I wouldn't recommend trying this if you have only one key card as it is very easy to damage the PCB with the Stanley blade.

I hope this helps others out of a situation.


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