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Im new to forums let alone this 1... but ive hooked onto this thread and looking for some help. (if im in the right place... guess we'll find out).

I have a 55 reg laguna 2 with all the sat nav gubbins and cd changer etc. the sat nav was working fine, but has decided to go off on its own routes and swim in the sea. Tried to reset the position but it veers off again.

Everyone is talking on these forums about the RED and GREEN gps icon, but am yet to find someone with this same common problem but with a GREY gps icon. (traffic 1 is green).

Im happy to go out and buy a 10 quid gps antenna and attach it, but would love somones opinion on the GREY icon. Just to check its the same issue.

Also.... does this new antenna you buy plug into the back of the dvd/cd drive (above the radio buttons behind the flap) or into the amp thing at bottom of glove box?

Really hope someone can help me on this....

1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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