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I am consider a lag 2 sport tourer, could someone assist me and break down the trim specs as I've been looking and cannot get my head round which is basic spec and which is top of the range. just a list would be engough


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Basically the models are broken down into two categories - SPORT collection & ELEGANCE Collection.
THe sport models emphasis is on sport seats,bigger alloys etc, whereas Elegance goes more for the luxury items.

SPORT Collection

Base model: Authentique
Next model up : Extreme
Then : Dynamique
Top of the Range : GT

ELEGANCE Collection

Base Model : Expression
Next model up : Privilege
Top of the Range Initiale.

Basically Dynamique & Privilege models are the most popular as they have the "right" mix of value for money and toys. Both are next to top of the range and are very similar, except as stated before the DYnamique will have sports seats,spoiler,larger alloys etc, the Privilege goes for multi cd player,auto lights/wipers,more leather interior trim etc.

These specs are basically right for LAguna II models from 2001 to 2005.
Phase II Lagunas were introduced in 2005 with similar model names, with a few variations. Also newer cars so more toys than in previous models.

Renault don't keep things easy when it comes to choosing the spec of your car.
Saying that all Lagunas are pretty well equipped, with the Initiale having a very good spec of goodies as standard.
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