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I've read some threads on here with questions about how to do this and many people say you need to get the bumper off, or cut your hands to ribbons. Well for me neither of those two comments are true.
I replaced sidelights and DRLs without removing any body part or injuring any of my body parts 😉

First off. Remove the black plastic cover that is over the radiator. There are 7 clips as shown in the picture below. Four along the top edge and three along the lower front edge near the bonnet release. The key here is to separate the top and bottom of the clip by sliding a flat head screw driver between the two parts and then twisting to left the top bit up.
They then just pull out. If you try to prize them out with out separating they may break or ping off into the engine bay.
You have to slide the cover forwards towards your legs and then it lifts off.

Water Liquid Eyelash Fluid Grey

You are then faced with this
Motor vehicle Automotive tire Hood Gas Automotive exterior

Over on the left by the headlight you will see a cover see below
Motor vehicle Hood Automotive tire Automotive design Automotive lighting

See the red dot, next to that there is a screw clip. Use a flat head screwdriver and prize that off. The cover then lifts off.

You will then see two round rubber covers that cover the DRL bulb and the side light bulb. Just pull them off using the tabs. V easy.
Automotive tire Motor vehicle Bumper Automotive exterior Gas

The larger cover on the left is the DRL the smaller one on the right is the sidelight.
Once off you will have very easy access to the DRL bulb. It will have a black fitting which just twists and comes out. Very very easy. The bulb is a bayonet fitting which is just press and twist.

The sidelight is more tricky. But only because you can't see what you are doing. You have to feel your way.

You need to put two fingers inside the hole and feel for the bulb holder. You will feel 3 wires also and what feels like two pointed clips.

With two fingers you need to squeeze the two clips inwards, towards each other and while squeezing you pull. The bulb holder should then wiggle free out of the hole.

See pic below one of the clips is shown by the red arrow. The other clip is on the other side. The bulb just pulls out and pushes back into the holder.
Liquid Automotive tire Hood Automotive lighting Fluid

Replacing it is much easier. Put the bulb back in the hole and push and it will just click back into place.

Then replace the rubber covers.
Then put the bulb cover back on with the screw clip.
Then repeat on the other side. Both sides are identical. Both sides have the same amount of room.

Then replace the radiator cover by pushing the 7 clips back in.

This took around 15 mins to do both bulbs. No injuries. A fair bit of swearing I admit. Because you do need fingers that are not too fat. But I found twisting the sidelight bulb holder do that you can feel both clips gives you an easier starting point.

The sidelight bulbs I used were osram cool blue intense W5W which were £5.70 for a pair.
My coupe has bi xenon headlights and the cool blue osram match these really well. They are not LED's so no worries with canbus errors etc yet have that good cool 4000k white light.
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