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My Son is a second yr Mechanic and we needed a new caliper fitted,His boss said he could fit it out with work time.
With new Caliper fitted Brakes felt much better but on applying Handbrake it just made a grinding noise.
After more investigation we found the handbrake cable had wound its self in.
Hubby took the box of and unwound the cable and connected it back up drove it all that day the handbrake was off and on with no problem.
Till next morning I got in the car and put the card in, A red warning light on dash said Parking brake fault, And they refuse to disengage tried manual release and it won't work either. Disconnected battery and reconnected it again and it worked again, unfortunately not for long now even disconnecting it from the battery does not work left with a very expensive lump of metal in my drive. I refuse to take it to Renault as the past experiences I have had with them have not been good.:forehead:

Any help to get me mobile again would be much Appreciated.
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