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Hi I'v just found this site , hope you can hellp
I have a 2000 Laguna I Phase II 2.0 RXE auto, I drove it thismorning no problems whent to start it 15 minutes later -nothing
the battery is good, all the lights on the dash come on, the immobiliser de-activates according to the light on the dash , but not a sound fron the solenoid.
After eventually finding the hideing place of the starter found there were no volts comeing from the low current solenoid lead .
I'v checked all the fuses . but cannot find the starter relay (Haynes Manual is ,shall we say , a littel vague on the subject ):confused:
So if any of you wonderful people might have a solution/ suggestion or can tell me where to find the starter relay it would be much appreciated thanx.
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