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I have been lurking on the site, but this is my first post. I have been looking at all the threads to find if the issues I have are already answered, but could not find one.

I had the car for a year (bought when it had around 54K on it, which is now at 87K). Recently I have seen the oil consumption go up.

The first service was at 18K after I bought it. During this the timing belt was replaced. At the same time, the dealer suggested changing oil every 9k as I spend a lot of time on the motorway.

So, I got the oil changed at 9K. Before this, I had the TDC sensor (I think) changed. The car failed to start and AA shorted the started motor to get it started. The dealer said there was an oil leak from Turbo and suggested I get the turbo replaced, but not urgent.

After this the oil consumption rose. As it was nearing the 9K mark, I got the oil change done. I asked the dealer to put in 0w-40, but they put in 10w-40 instead, which luckily, I found out before they finished, and as they did not have 0w-40, I asked them to put in 5w-40, which was their standard.

Now I see the oil consumption gone down to 3 'o's on the display. I topped it up with 0w-40, Mobil 1. The mpg went up to 51mpg from 47mpg. But, within 2 weeks, about 1200 miles, the oil level is again down to 4 'o's on dispaly. I have counter checked this with the dip stick each time and there is a corresponding drop on dip stick.

I don't see the oil dripping anywhere, except on the plastic body around the oil filler (hope this is not the intercooler everyone is talking about). No pools on the floor etc.

Just couple of days ago, I had the f/n/s bearing replaced by another dealer. I asked them to have a look, but they said as there is no leakage anywhere, just monitor it for the time being.

Should I get the Turbo checked out again? or just go for a replacement of turbo as a precaution?


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As far as I'm aware you should *NOT* be using 0-40. You may want to change it out for 5-40.

As for leaking oil seals on the turbo - this is serious. Check the forum for posts relating to EGR failure. Have you checked your EGR valve?

Good luck!

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