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So I thought I had some engine problems because the engine would sometimes begin to stall on idle (and then start working normally after a few hours for no reason). But now I'm thinking the electronics are going haywire. Here is the list of symptoms I have started to experience, in order of appearance:

1. Xenon headlights started pointing at the sky. The autoleveling sensors are fine, the headlight motors work fine during start up and the headlights react slightly when jacking up the front or rear of the car.
2. Sometimes the engine stalls at idle.
3. A few times after stalling like that the engine started up revving at 2000-2100 RPM and kept at it, completely ignoring the gas pedal.
4. Sometimes reports the oil level as critical.
5. Fuel meter is showing empty (it definitely isn't).
6. The instrument panel backlight set itself on the dimmest setting and doesn't react to the backlight adjustment wheel.

What could be wrong? Would visiting a repair shop with a Renault CLIP help?
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