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Hello All,

While over in England visiting family my Laguna II developed a fault. The glow plugs led and then the fumes led warning light came on. The AA guy ran a diags on the car and was unable to detect any fault and reset the warning led. He did check the coils but suggested not to replace them all.

After consulting with a friend who is a mechanic he recommended and changed all of the coils. The car ran great with no errors for over a week. Then as you would expect the night before catching the ferry back to Ireland the car developed another fault.

When I reinsert the keycard into the car after a short period of time the glow plug warning led stays on and when I start the car it revs up and down in short bursts. If I then stop the car take the keycard out and reinsert the car will start fine.

Any information or thoughts on this would be most appreciated.


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