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Morning Everyone

I have a Laguna II Ph 2 hatch, since buying the car I've noticed the heated rear window never worked.

Recently after trying to find the issue with the radio reception and sat nav never showing where I actually was, I decided to remove the rear fascias around the window.
I found the radio antenna 'thingy', not attached to the screen but I also found the OS heated rear window connector not attached to the glass at all.

I checked for power, it gave off a spark, so knew it was a simple matter of reattaching.

I used a simple superglue (novice so don't shout) which reattached it, however it still didnt work.

As it was now bonded, I couldnt remove so put a simple wire from the connector onto the silver strip either side of the connector, just incase my bonding was off.

That worked, though the screen became extremely hot and eventually the bonding failed and it came back off again.

Does anyone know where I can purchase some Loctite Rear Window Defogger Tab Adhesive 21351 or Permatex 21351 or something similar in the UK, as it seems this is the only thing which will bond the tab back into place and give a current through to the screen itself to make it work again.

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