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Today my 52-Reg Renault Laguna II Initiale DCI 2.2 did not start :mad: and the voice error was something to the effect of "Fuel injection system not functioning, contact Renault dealer".

I pulled off the engine cover and saw a bit of a black mess around what looks like one of the injectors. Is this a known or common fault, can I repair it myself (I know what a spanner looks like ;) ), or is this a job for the dealer?

Don't know if it is related but this car has just had it's 72,000 miles service by a Renault dealer. They did everything except change the timing belt because parts were not ordered even after I asked them to :steam: . I guess now would be a good time to do that too...

But I need to get the car moving first. Help!

Squished Laguna owner
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