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I've had my Laguna for three years (2004 model) and it came with this problem, but now its getting to the point where its driving me crazy.

Sometimes when its raining the window works fine, but mostly it doesn't.

The drivers side window works with one-touch to open. Then to close, the one-touch moves the window to half-way and it stops, and then reverses. Holding the up-button, makes the window reverse and go down, but, clicking it repeatedly 'up' makes the window move past the point where it stopped, one little bit at a time. Then the one-touck kicks in and it stops about 3/4 way up, with the same result, it reverses down. Having to again 'click' it up to the top.

Usual way to close the window is to push up for the one-touch to take it half-way, and then jiggling the up-switch a number of times to get the window to go up by about a centimetre at a time, until it reaches the top.

I have tried everything to get it working properly. I took the controller apart, but found nothing wrong (and it was working fine while dismantled). I lubricated all rails and friction points, just in case the automatic cut-out engaged. I have re-set the controll (by holding the switches) a number of times and this makes no difference (the window alway stops in the correct 'top' position). I took it to my dealer and they said to replace the controller - the catch being that you can't buy the controller on its own, and have to buy the entire power window unit! Not happening.

I just today noticved some guy on ebay repairing these controllers for around 40 pound, and in the instructions he eludes to water damage being a common cause. No water damage in my case.

We'll I'm stumped and looking for help. Does anyone know how to repair the control unit?


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