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just bought a 2005 laguna expression after many people telling me not to bother, but I was sold by the spec level and the very smooth ride:d. so here I am on Renault forum!!

I took my lag to kwik fit for a re-gas as air con doesn't work-thought it might be a bit more than just a re-gas as I've read that lag's a/c is a issue.
I was right..been told by kwik fit..
'that its full of gas, no leaks
but...the compressor makes a weird sound and engine cuts out when turning on air bet is to see a a/c guru. if he says a new compressor is needed...DONT BOTHER, as your talking major ££££

has anyone else come across anything like this before??,:confused:
could I get a 2nd hand compressor from ebay?
..or shall I just keep the windows down until they pack up!!
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