New engine coolant tank fitted May 2022

Hi all,
I decided to buy a Renault Laguna 2 as a mini project back in January. A few things have cropped up financially, and I've now decided, along with the fuel prices, that I no longer have the time and money to do it up. I wanted to bring it up to a very high standard, however its going to take far too long and I'd rather save my money for other things.
With just 55k on the clock, and being the 3 litre V6, these are pretty rare nowadays with this sort of mileage. It has potential to be a future classic for someone, or just a daily barge, however you see fit.

Dashboard -
All works and no warnings!
Body -
I knew it needed some tlc on the bodywork before I bought it. Some light scratches on the main body that a buffer could sort. Black bumper trims front and back need a repaint. Bumpers front and rear could do with a buffer, and/or respray.
Alloy wheels are peeling and need a refurb. The breaks work very well, but the calipers are rusting.
Tyres are good, plenty of tread in all of them.
Xenon headlamps have been machine polished and have come up well. All the other lights are working.

Cambelt/Engine -
I have no previous service history with this car, other than what I found out by contacting the third previous owner. This didn't bother me as I had bought it for such a low price, I had anticipated it would need a bit of work anyway. He said the car had a full service at 53k miles, but as far as he was aware, the cambelt whilst in his ownership was never changed. Again I have no paperwork.
I've seen cambelt kits for around £250 online, the rest would be labour.
As it stands, the engine runs very well. I can't hear any disconcerting noises whilst idling or driving.
The steering is very light, and drives well.
Electrics -
The only two things that need attention are the drivers window and fan heater blower.
The drivers window goes up and down in gradual stages, it stops shortly after you press and hold the switch. I haven't yet been able to investigate this properly.
The interior fan heater blower is a bit squeaky on the lower fan settings, however once it has been run on a higher setting for a few minutes, the squeaking/rubbing stops, also on the lower speeds. I have seen replacements on ebay for around £30 second hand, and £55 brand new. However you could resolve this with a can of DW40?
Heated seats all work, fan heater warms up very nicely, electric adjustable seats all work. Power folding mirrors all work. Sunroof works fine.
It has the original carminat sat nav and that all works. CD / FM radio all original and works as it should. Has the cabasse sound system.

Am willing for sensible offers but as I want to pay a loan off i don't want to reduce my asking price much more.

Anything I've missed? Ask away!