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The engine with 130k on the clock leaks engine oil from the rear when inspected from the front of the vehicle.
Viewed from beneath the relevant engine and related components having been cleaned of oil contamination and with the engine now idling, oil ooze will gradually appear after say 5 minutes, beneath the turbo and later, after say 10 minutes, progress to the low pressure return flange and in time make its way down the outside of the convoluted s/s drain pipe (when driving, the wind of course causes this to fly off in all directions including upwards as it strikes the o/s drive shaft).
Viewed from above there is no indication of a gasket weep.
The only indication revealed to date is from the union between the ABS intercooler hose and the engine spigot which lies between the turbo and the engine block. This is secured by a jubilee clip which appears tight.
Before taking all of the access blocking components off, am I on the right path do you think?

Much obliged for any experience-based relies.

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