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Hi, basically i need to change the knackered engine in my 2001 Renault laguna 3.0 v6 auto.

I've got an engine coming via courier but I need to figure out the best way to remove the old engine.

If any one has done this before it would be great to know how before I go and do it.

Split gearbox out the bottom then engine out top?

Drop the whole lot out the bottom?

Take whole lot out the top?

Split gearbox and leave there and take engine out top?

I've got Renault workshop manuals in PDF form but can't find any reference to removing the engine.

Any advice would be great full .



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The only way to go about it for me is to remove the front subframe and then drop the engine/gearbox unit out through the bottom.The days of lifting engines out the top dissapeared a while ago in my book.

I definately wouldn't spend time splitting the engine and gearbox in situ,it's so much easier to remove the whole lot and then work on it out of the car.
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