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Hi guys, just got my first Renault Clio, 2003 car, Mk 2 5 door Hatchback.
It has a leaking sunroof and I believe this is a common problem? I have changed the seal by taking out the frame thinking this would solve it but it hasn't :-(
The drainage pipes are clear as I have tested them and I don't know what else to do.
If anyone has any ideas then please do let me know and thank you in advance for any help!


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It won't be the seal to the glass. Your problem will be were the sun roof frame is sealed to the roof itself. If you gently press around the edge of the roof you can see a gap appear as the seal will have deteriorated.
You are going to have to remove the complete frame assembly and re seal it.
Iv had to do it on all three mk2 Clio's in the family.
Remove the glass completely
Remove the seal between the head lining and in side of the sun roof.
You should be able to pull the head lining down enough to see the 10mm clamping nuts.
Top Tip
Before dismantling the sun roof, clean the roof thoroughly and then mask around the frame. This will make cleaning off the excess silicon easier.
Purchase some good auto silicon for the job as you only want to do it once.
Once you have all the necessary items assembled you can undo the nuts around the clamping ring. Use gloves as the head lining will make your hands itch like mad.
Be careful with the drain tubes.
Once the frame is out thoroughly clean the roof area and frame.
As you should still have the masking tape on the roof, this will help center the frame.
Apply a bead of silicone to the roof and re assemble the frame.
Have a second person hold it central as you tighten the nuts to stop it sliding on the silicone.
Once tightened up clean off the excess silicone, remove the masking tape and clean again.
Finish off re assembly and don't let it get wet for 24 hrs.
Hope this helps.:wink2:
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