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Scenic II 1.4 16V (August 2003) Fidji

Recently renewed all valves and cam belt, new head gasket, all connections remade, but engine now idles when warm below 500 revs indicated on tachometer, which results in stalling especially when parking after an urban journey.

Renewed battery since repeated restarting resulted in original battery failing to crank, but persistence of the problem seems to be draining the new battery! It is possible that the starter motor is in need of replacement.

The engine runs nicely once started, and is returning about 31 MPG on urban cycle, so I doubt if there is any valve-timing issue.

My thoughts are; Idle valve; vac lines and sensors could all be possible causes of incorrect ECU control of idle speed (when engine is cold idle revs are about 1200).

What have I missed? Any suggestions re method of removal and cleaning of idle valve, checking of vac lines and sensor locations and cleaning?
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