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Hello folks,
Can't find much info on what'll work for an engine swap for my dci 100 master van.
Got the chance of a good running engine and box from a dci 120, I know it's the same engine and assume all same internals and sensors etc surely just the renault map, turbo? Won't my dci 100 map just run the 120 lump as a 100 or an I being totally dumb?
If it does need the ecu seeing too, what should I expect to pay and anyone know of any good mobile technicians with the kit required in mcr / stockport that they'd recommend?
I also have the chance of a newly skimmed head with new valves etc for £100, which would be the harder job? Mine was running lovely for the day :frown2: prior to the belt slipping ( I assume as belts OK).
Thanks in advance, when I get to bottom of and do the swap I'll put as much info up as possible as the lack of info over the whole of Google regarding the master / movano is amazing, haven't they been the most popular van in Europe? and yet nothing anywhere. Mad af. I'll add my bit...
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