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I have a Master 140 with Nissan engine and 6 speed gearbox. 54 plate. Its done loads of miles 250k+.
Great vehicle, sort of semi retired but doing heavy towing when it is used. 3.0 tonnes.
Gearbox has been ropey since I had it and its not getting any better. Missing synchro on 1st dodgy on 2nd, groaning on 4th.
Rebuild kit is about £200.00.
Now the question is do I attempt the rebuild myself or do I pay £1000-1500 to a specialist to supply and fit one.
I have done this sort of thing before -not Master- and I would like my 18 year old son to help me. He is doing a 3 year agricultural engineering course. It would be good experiance.

Do I need special tools over and above basic pullers, bench press, spanners etc. Does anyone have a manual that gives settings etc.

Any comment like "dont even think about it they are a nightmare" would be very welcome
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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