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Hi everyone just joined after reading 5 days worth of threads

Still no luck having problems with boosting, i read other peoples problems on here regarding this but the threads seem to cut short and still no explenation

loosing boost beetween 2.500 and 3.550 rpm this is when it know kicks in

ive checked all pipe work cleaned cranckcase breather system, cleaned out intercooler seems to hold compression just right. egr valve was cleaned along with the ports after i done this i had check injection light on so i cleared the fault which was egr reallated now out of limp mode i think! but a loss of power,

the wastegate thing on the turbo is not going up or down the nut is always loose cant seem to tighten it up

its not using any oil apart from when i done a 500 miles journey to england used 1 bar of oil not much oil in the pipe work just a little bit.

ive tried blocking the egr valve that didnt work

tried unplugging the MAF no joy just very smocky over fueling i think

i dodnt know what elese to do when i first start the car up i can here a rattleing sound inside the cab any ideas :surrender
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