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This is a FYI type thread rather than my usual question asking ;)

I noticed the other day that the boot on my Megane was not closing. On further inspection I found that the latch had fallen down inside the plastic casing meaning that the locking mechanism had nothing to make contact with. I took the casing off and found that the original plastic lugs that hold the latch in place had broken into several pieces leaving the latch free to move around.

A quick call to Renault showed that this was going to be expensive to replace, £61 for a complete latch as they do not sell the components separately. After picking my chin off the floor I decided to start researching alternative fixes and stumbled across these in a local Halfords:

The 8mm grommets fit snuggly over the ends of the latch and, with a bit of lining up, fit perfectly into the recesses. A bit of a bargain at less than £2!

I'll try and post some pictures later.

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