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Hi everyone,
i own a Renault Mégane mk2 automatic convertible and i am facing this problem.
2 days ago my car just turned off when i stopped at a red light. The road at this spot was not level. I pushed the start button but nothing happened. I tried to move my car using the brakes and after 5-6 tries the car started. I visited my mechanic and he assumed that maybe the gas level was too low and caused my car to turn off. He explained to me that sometimes the pump flotter stucks.
Yesterday, reaching at a downhill i stopped my car and turned the gearbox to N in order to hear a strange noise. Immediately my car shutted down. I tried to start it again but nothing happened. So, carefully using the handbrake and the brake pedal i reached at level ground where the car started immediately. I got it to my mechanic and after a detailed examination he said that there is no fault saved in the ECU. I think that the fuel pump is dieing but i don't know for sure.
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