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Evening chaps

I have a problem with my wife's Megane 1.6. Air con is not blowing cold and revs do not dip when the air con button is pressed - led on button comes on but just blows warm.

Being a cheapskate I tried a can of EZ Chill from Halfords on it using an adaptop but got no further than connecting it up as the dial appeared to reckon it was in the "alert zone" for high pressure.

Took it to Kwik Fit and paid £50 for them to regas the system - bloke called me to say it was no different and then gave me a refund.

Has been in to an air con "specialist" today who charged £205 to change the pressure switch and regas it - he then claimed it was fixed. It worked when the wife picked it up (she said it smelt a bit funny and wasn't blowing that cold :eek:) but 15 mins of driving and it has stopped working again.

Around the same time the aircon went wrong originally the rear wiper took on a life of its own and starts going every time you start the car for 30 seconds - not sure if this is related or not! :confused::confused:

Anyway - going to take it back to this bloke but am just wondering if anyone had got any suggestions as to what may be up with it? I am wondering if there is some sort of pressure problem in the system which the switch then interperets as time to switch off andf then it packs up but I have no idea what could be causing a variation in the pressure?

I am quite frankly clueless with it - any help ghreatly appreciated.

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