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Hi all!

Fancied a little more lux in my megane rs 250 cup and so I'm in the process of retrofitting the electric, heated and leather seats from the sport.

Fitting the driver side one threw the airbag light on, which my autospark solved with a little wiring (think he stated there was an airbag less due to the motors).

The electric movement worked grand, but the heating function isn't. There is only one plug on the passenger side and it's the main one. There's two plugs on the driver side, the main one and a smaller one with 2 terminals.

Unfortunately, my car has no corresponding plug for the smaller one.

Has anyone tried to retrofit heated seats in a mk3 and can guide me from here in?

Is there a loom tucked away with the plug im looking for?

If I need to enable via CLiP, what do I need to do?

Thanks for any help you can give?
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