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Driving on Sunday I came across a weird issue.

Car is a Megane 3 coupe with the OEM head unit. Think its the R Link system, the piece of audio shite that it is.

Had my phone connected via bluetooth and music streaming from it. All normal except 30 minutes in to the drive the volume automatically reduced.

I tried turning the volume back up using the stalk on the steering column, and I could see the volume graphic increase as I clicked it but immediately after the head unit turned it down again.

Basically it caps the volume at a certain level after a while.

Anyone know of overheating issues?
I feel like it let me briefly turn it up after leaving it low for a while before then capping it again, hence the overheating thought.

Wasnt a hot day or used for very long but I did have it cranked up before the issue started. Never done it before and I havent changed a thing.

Not been out since to try other sources such as CD.
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