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Hi all

Went out in my car today, the hottest day of the year so far, and my sunroof decided to stop working! :censored:

The electrics work, it still tilts as normal, but when I went to open it fully it only went back 2-3cm's and then seemed to to get stuck on something and wouldn't open any further???

Is this a well know problem or does anyone know what it might be getting stuck on?

What shall I do?!?!? :confused:

Thanks in advance

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Hi there, its a common problem, but not specific to any brand/model (I had a similar issue with my Scorpio). Its really just a build-up of muck from Autumn & Winter which has accumulated, plus the runners which the sunroof slides on may have some corrosion on them.

It is important not to try and force the motor, as you may cause it to burn out.

What I did was whilst the panel was in the tilted position, I stood on the sill and applied some LM Grease to the runners and as far back as I could reach, I also coated the seals in case they were dragging. I then patiently wound the roof back and forwards until it eventually had full movement. I spent around half an hour doing this, reapplying the grease every so often.

As you will (hopefully) have gleaned from the above - patience and mechanical sympathy is the key to success.

All the best,

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