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Hi all,

Have been having a bit of fun with my Megane - and not just with the roof down!

I've only had it for a couple of weeks and it does have a warranty from a used car dealer. The day after I got it it stuttered a couple of times and cut out with "Injection Fault" and STOP. 30 secs later and it would restart no problem.

It has been back to the dealer who has run diagnostics but there is nothing logged. The suggestion was possibly some contamination in the diesel so they put an additive in - they drove around in it for a while and nothing out of the ordinary happened.

Of course - when I got it back the fault returned with it, although so far the engine hasn't cut out - it just stutters occasionally but mainly when under load and it seems to be a bit rough. I drove it down the motorway last night at 70 in 4th (3k RPM) to see if I could burn any crud out of the system and there were no stutters or anything out of the ordinary - but I'm loathe to give it the beans in case it stutters and cuts out.

Also the fuel economy seems to be poor - I've been getting around 38mpg over a mixture of town and short motorway runs - not too certain about taking it on a long journey at the moment with these symptoms!

There are no plumes of black smoke and the turbo sounds normal - doesn't sound like a whistling kettle and on the occasions where I feel daring(!) it boosts up OK. I've looked at the clear fuel lines under the bonnet and there is no sign of air bubbles.

Do these symptoms sound like the EGR valve being coked up? I know there is no harm in cleaning the valve but while there is a warranty I'm a little nervous of interfering with anything. I've suggested perhaps an EGR valve problem to the garage but don't really like to tell them their job - because as an IT consultant I know what that is like!

Any thoughts?

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