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OK please be gentle as I realise this is probably a really stupid question but...

I have a 60 plate Renault Megane Coupe Privilege and in the spec it says:

4x15W RDS radio with single CD with Bluetooth and MP3 connection

Here's the dim bit. I can't for the life of me see where I'm supposed to plug the MP3 player in. If it said 'with Bluetooth MP3 connection' I'd guess it needed a Bluetooth connection on the player but it says 'and MP3 connection' so I'm left looking for where to plug it in. There is a connection at the bottom of the console where it meets the gearstick bit but it doesn't look like any MP3 connection I've ever seen!!!

It's a company car so no dealer to go back to and ask and the fleet services guys at my work seem to know less about cars that I do.

Please can anyone help - and try not be too rude about what a div I am!

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