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Hello all!

First posting here - shame its not in happier circumstances!

My girlfriend's nice bright yellow Megane coupe (1997 model) recently had some monkey drive into it while it was parked on our street. Monkey managed to completely dent in the front O/S wing.

A couple of weeks later somebody decided it would be pleasant to rip the N/S electric wing mirror off (when it was on the pavement side - so it definitely wasn't a car!).

Then, she realised this evening as she was going out that (still parked on our street) yet another monkey has driven past the car and left a massive great big scrape down the O/S of the car.

As you can imagine, she's not happy.

Anyway - obviously the wing mirror is just going to be a scrap yard job.

How about the wing - would that be best sourcing from a scrap yard?

Now, the major point: does anyone know the best way of getting the scrape sorted? I'm guessing its going to be a respray... if so, does anyone know anywhere good in the Bath/Bristol area? We'll obviously take it a little further afield if needs be.

Any help would be muchos appreciated. The poor dear's naturally a bit upset that her pride and joy has started looking a complete wreck in just over a month...

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