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I have a 97 MEagne RT sport 8v Was driving the other day, all of a sudden the temp gauge went right up to the red and the warning light came on.
when idling it does the same gague keeps climbing and quickly. when driving, if i go over 40 the temp goes down, further than before the problem started.
My fan is also not cutting in. It is not the thermostat as i have removed it. i think it may be the water pump or an airlock. The return feed to the coolant bottle is not strong, weak in fact. It improved when i removed the thermostat, but not by much. revving the engine does not increase the flow by much either.

My worry is Head gasket, but there is no creamy residue on te dipstick or oil cap.


My brother had a very similar situation with a 98 1.2 Clio you could also hear the coolant gurgling in the heater matrix at times.

He had a "sniff" test done at his local garage which didn't find combustion gases in the coolant header tank which eliminated HG failure. A new water pump cured the problem.
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