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Hello peeps,

after much reading around on tinternet and reading through the threads here, I concluded that the clicking noise in my steering wheel combined with the airbag service warning lights meant that I had a knackered clock spring. I popped down to my local Renault specialist breakers yard/garage. They had a second hand clock spring that they had taken off another Megane II because a kiddie had pulled the end off the left hand stalk (that controls the lights).

The guy said that he could replace the broken stalk with the good stalk on my car and then fit the complete clock spring assembly. He duly did so and when I picked up the car everything seemed fine ...

... except ...

... the windscreen washers were not working.

Pulling the right hand stalk towards the driver caused BOTH the front and rear wipers to activate, but nothing from the washer jets, not even the sound of the motor trying to do anything.
Now apart from the jets not working, before the clock spring was replaced pulling the lever did not cause the rear wiper to activate. Moreover, the normal way to activate the rear jet, i.e. turning the rotary control on the right stalk to the second position, no longer works.

He is suggesting that it might be the control unit, which is an expensive repair, but it seems a bit odd that it would just happen to go wrong co-incidentally. Either way, I have to get it fixed before its next MOT. Has anyone any suggestions about what to check?

Many thanks :)
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