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There is a certain amount of interest ,in recent posts.
Ill just post my experience/ideas.

Ride height and wheelarch gap:

1.The RM III,all models ,are nowhere near as bad in appearance for wheelarch gap as some earlier renaults.

2.The RM III coupe and all GT line models have their ride height reduced by 12 mm compared to normal models.(OEM lowering )

3.A lot of people complain about the "massive "gap(wheelarch) between the front and the rear,myself included.
It goes with the territory.
Two normal weight people in the front,suspension will compress a few mm at the front and rear about equally.
Then the designers/engineers have to factor in at least 2 "hefty" adults in the back seat,and the real clinchers behind the back axle , fuel quantity and "luggage" weight.

My experience :a half full tank and above and a 200-250 lb weight on the rear axle or slightly ahead of it makes the front and rear wheelarch gap look about equal.

Ride height look/practicality.The normal RMIII coupe is fairly close to the ground, Ive pulled the front platic on a hi kerb np.

RM III arch gap all round at the front ,with no one in the car is approx 45mm viewed from the side on a lvl surface.
The rear arch gap is approximately 45 mm at the sides going to 60mm (about 2 in)at the top.

Tyre size and wheelarch gap:

1.Changing wheelsize shouldnt make anydifference to visible wheelarch gap if you try and maintain the total wheel and tyre size close to normal.

2.On standard (factory lowered) coupe or gt line models and maintaining wheel offest in the 38mm to 48 mm region the maximnum tyre and profile sizes seem to be .
235/35/20 on 7.5 in or 8 in wheels or 245/30/20 on 8 in wheels.
nb this will fill the arches but raise the ride height by 12-20 mm depending on size.

Lowering: springs:

1.Atm from what I can see the availability for standard coupe only models is
15 mm front, 15mm rear
15 mm front, 25mm rear
30 mm front, 40mm rear

from different companies.
Remember that the ones that give an increased rear drop will give better pictures cos theres nobody in the car but the increased rear drop may limit your "real life driving"
as the springs would have to be that much stiffer than normal.

about 30 mm dropis the maximum advised if using standard shocks.

Prices for the above are 100-175

I personally would be very reluctant to try the 30mm f,40mm rear.. just on looks cos once you get below a 1 in-1.5 in arch gap small differences change the appearance a lot.

Minimum price atm that I can find is 750,better versions are selling for 1300.

Wheel types and tyre profile sizes:

1.Wheels from RM III RS meganes to normal RM III coupes.
They arent the correct fitment.
You might think"Hey Megane coupe, megane rs, ill get genuine renault RS wheels and itll be ideal"
The thing is RS wheels of the 18,19 and some 20 in original fittings arent a direct swop for normal meg coupe wheels because the offset is different.

Its due to the special RS suspension (torque decoupling) being a different width.
You can correct it with spacers ,but unfortunately aftermarket non renault wheels or aftermarket versions of RS wheels will fit better..

Tyre profiles and pressures

1. normal tyre fitments
A profile of 55-65(which used to be low profile once!)

Lets say the hi speed /heavy load cold pressure recommendation is 35 f/35r
Thats what it is on mine.

Now you want low/ultra low profile tyres
45 or35or maybe 30.

Me I find the ride is about the same as my 65 profiles on my 35's..slightly worse for sure but.

I experimented with pressures as low as 32, it wasnt good.
Because my tyres are xl rated ,they need a higher pressure than normal tyres..strange but true.

Ive googled RS 35 profile tyre owners and they like about 38 all round.

If you do get low/ultra low profile tyres turn the wheel from one lock to another .Check how close the wheel tim is to the ground on the inside lock.

I mean err on the side of too high a pressure than too low.
Remember also the low profile tyres heat up rapidly when driving to a garage

I have 38 cold pressure on my front tyres and 35 cold pressure on the rears.

I find the ride much better than at 35 cold on the front.
Do pump it up and see how it works for you.
Its also good in the sense that a few lbs of pressure makes a huge difference,almost like tuning.

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Some pics to illustrate

All these pics have a total wheel and tyre radius 15 mm larger than normal.
So when looking at them and arch gaps they already have the same effect that a 15mm lowering kit would have.Probably slightly better cos the gaps at the sides of the tyres are also filled by 15mm.

The disadvantage of course is the ride height has gone up.
Pics are taken with a 2/3rd full fuel tank and no extra weight initially.

pic1= front wheel normal,no one in car.
pic2= front wheel with ride height and arch gap reduced by 15mm (with weight)
pic3= the same but with rear reduced by 25 mm

ie for example if I was to purchase a spring kit lowering the front by 15 mm and the rear by 25 mm.
For me it would be like a 30mm front and 40 mm rear kit in terms of vertical wheelarch clearances but only reducing the rear ride height by 10 mm compared to a normal coupe.
Hope the above makes sense.CoG/handling would probably be better , the spring lengths would be within a range for the original shocks .
The ride quality..ahh theres the rub :)

pic 4= rear normal
pic 5= rear reduced by 15mm,same as pic 2 front wheel.
pic 6 = rear reduced by 25mm with front reduced by 15 mm.

pic 7= before
pic 8 = after: 15mm front,25mm rear.


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Hmm no springs at all.. height difference is with weight.

15mm front and 25mm rear springs for the coupe are done by super pi.
15mm front and 15 mm rear are done by spax.

Wheels are 20 in 42 offset 7.5 in width

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I've got 18" alloys on mine. Ive seen 30mm front and rear springs. Rear I will get away with 30mm but don't think I will on the front. What would you think would be the most I could go on the front? And are pi springs not cheap and nasty or are they anygood?

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I've got 18" alloys on mine. Ive seen 30mm front and rear springs. Rear I will get away with 30mm but don't think I will on the front. What would you think would be the most I could go on the front? And are pi springs not cheap and nasty or are they anygood?
It all depends on your tyre size and wheel width and the wheel offset.
15,16,17,18,19,20 and I rhink 21" wheel would fit with rhe right tyre.
The 21in stuff is just too expensive apart from any other considerations.

Ill give you an example:
There was a poster recently .You will see his megane in the "my mottah" section.
He went for 19's with a 235/35/19 tyre fitment.

That particular fitment means he fills the wheel arches by about 7mm more all around and he also raises the car off the ground by about 6mm.

The appearance,,well you can judge for yourself .
He has np on ground clearance and he has reduced the wheelarch gap.

Mine ,by fitting 35 profile tyres instead of the recommended 30 profile for 20 in ,Ive reduced the wheelarch gap by 15 mm, but Ive also raised the car off the ground by around 13 mm so it has approximately the same ride height as normal megane III's.
The non coupe non gt line ones.

Springs:If I fitted 30mm front and 40mm rear, I would definitely foul the front wheelarches at the top edge.
Rears at 40mm ,I would probaly be ok but with the low profile tyres itd be like driving on cobblestones the whole time.

For me with my wheelsize and tyre fitting,Id be ok on 15mm drop front springs and 15 or 25 rear.

Its hard to explain but,if you forget about ride height and just think in terms of bodywork /suspension clearance,Ive already lowered the suspension by 15mm by increasiing the TWD,total wheel and tyre diameter.

So fitting 15mm spring drop front and rear would,for me,bring the car almost back to the original ride height but as far as the bodywork clearances and suspension clearances were concerned it would be like a 30 mm drop front and rear.

Your 18 in wheels, if they are a standard renault alloy with standard/recommended size 18 in tyres should be able to take 30 mm front and 40 mm rear lowering springs.
The appearance might/might not look really good.
Ride would drfinitely be harsher. 40 mm is a bit outside max for a spring change on standard shocks.
The ride height would be lowered a full 3 cm from standard at the front.

Super pi, Ive no idea on the spring quality, but they do seem the cheapest for now.
Spaxx are more well known.

Me I think ill try 15/15 next year as I might go for 235/35/20 when the 225/35/20's wear out :0

edit: concept car look 2008 would be nice or maybe something like this with subtle dragons :)

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If stillin the lowering mood.
PI springs are doing rmIII coupe springs with 10% off on ebay for another 24 hrs. front 15 mm rear 25mm drop.
Free p+p £90for the set, eibach springs are 160+.
The pi ones have I believe a lifetime guarantee.

This is just info..if you choose to act on it its up to you.
Remember my coupe is like 12mm higher off the ground than a normal coupe.

1st pic is mine with 15mm lowered front and 25mm lowered back (with sandbags,etc)

2nd pic is the way I normally run it with about 100kg extra weight in the rear footwell gives about 5 mm front and 10mm rear drop.
Fuel cons etc is another q.

Also the pi springs are coloured a bright red , which is good for coolness , but kinda obvious going for a service.


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Pi springs or Eibach springs.

The pi ones dont have a great rep,for some they are fine,others say not!
Eibach are some 50% more expensive.

The springs available are PI:15mm front/25mm rear
Eibach 15mm front and 15 mm rear .

This is complicated by the fact that a standard meg III coupe is lowered by 12 mm from any other standard meg III bodystyle(forget gt line and rs).

The 2 spring suppliers mentioned(rather like tuning box suppliers) arent going to make meg III coupe springs solely..

What the above mentioned kits are is more than likely 30 mm front and rear and 30 mm front and 40 mm rear standard meg III 1.5dci axle weight kits.

At present Ive added a lil weight in the mid/rear .and if the fuel gets low it feels a little light.

Comparisons with a porsche 911 4wd with 20" wheels,(getting a bit exotic arent we coup? :)). The 911 looks about the same, comparatively high off the ground and wheelarch gap isnt "huggy"

Right now strangely.its the front ride height I could do with a 15 mm drop on, if the rear is dropped 25 mm ,there is a point where the rear looks low on the coupe.
Its a fine line betweenl ooking possible from factory and squatted for appearance.

There have also been posts of springs giving a different height change than what is quoted,eibach or PI.
In my case.since Im alreadyfactory lowered ,can adjust the rear height relatively easily and the ride quality might become unacceptable:
Im not going to bother at all with any lowering.

Ive got 16 mm arch fill,if I had adjustable ride height great,I dont, and Im not gonna spend cash on a maybe ..
My wheel change arch gap reducing has done all that was asked,.
Ride?handling is fine.Rear gets a lil hi when tank is near empty but with a moderate wheelbaselow length car like the 911 :),Id prefer to ride a little high

Apparently the "ladies " favour that style also.. I dont get it. :rofl:

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Just a lil "noh a lorra people know that " on the porsche 911(997)coupe .Its much shorter than a laguna, like 10 cm shorter than even a laguna coupe
Its about 5cm longer than a megane III coupe,maybe a meganeII coupe as well and doesnt look as lowered on 20 in original wheels as some of the original bmws you can see plenty of even on like 17" wheels.
Thas probably why the appearance appealed : :p porsche almost as good as renaut :d

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Pictures of non rs meg II's and III's with 20" wheels are hard to find.The rs III's have a different suspension setup(not just lowered,Maybe II models are the same.

If interested in MEG III's there is a long term report series on msn.(on a 2010 coupe)
The two temporary owners seem to have a different opion of the suspension and handling.
1 says its great , surefooted handling, doesnt mind sharp or long bends rough surface ride absorbed by excellent renault damping ..n so on.
The other criticises the steering as being a bit light and the ride on anything but pretty smooth surfaces being harder than some bmw sports model heed driven.

Difference of opinion:

Me I dont test a lot of different cars...My previous one,also a coupe had probably what a lot would consider a firm ride as standard.
The Meg III well it wasnt like a switch to riding on air.
Low speeds a bit noisy,higher speeds noisy comfort about the same.steering n handling felt a lil sloppy except at middle speed ranges.
All subjective.
Ok so switch to 20" and low profile tyres.
Pleasantly suprised.handling etc seemed sharper + ride penalty .. minimal, compared to what Id feared anyway and actually more relaxed at hi speed.

In that sense , since the coupe is set up to feel a little sportier anyway,it seemed like a good deal.

Without going into the boring bits , lowering might make things unacceptable for normal driving.The only reason to do it(for me) would be for appearance.
If were honest thats all most of us would do it for unless r or rs owners and want a cast iron suspension feel.

Heres a lil paintshop/ms paint action :)
1st pic is standard now as it really is(full fuel tank with maybe some 150lbs extra weight,mainly in the rear).
2nd and 3rd pics are like a 15 mm and 30 mm drop respectively.
The shadows under the car are altered a lil.

The 4th pic well its some paintshopper using what are supposed to be 20 in wheels .but are more like 22-24 in and some ridiculous squash a spider with your exhaust lowering , but thought id include it for fun.


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Bmw ride:)from above
Yday I had a "go" in a 2008 320d , while the bmw owner had a "go" in mine.Id prefer the bmw given a take yer pick choice overall ,however.
Ride quality alone.
The beemer was fitted with 18"(standard) alloys on 225/35/18 tyres wheel to arch gap at the top unladen approx 15 mm front and rear.
Body side height to ground about 20mm/2cm lower than mine.

The difference in ride around urban ramps,holes,surface variations.nothing I could distinguish between the 2.
I mean you would know exactly what surface you were travelling over in both cars,no air cushion ride but the renault doesnt feel like a board or anything.
Handling wasnt much different at low speeds,no bouncing or twitchiness on etiher.

The thing is the bmw was "born this way",and set up from new with 35 profile tyres and low height.
Then again theres no way it could take 20" wheels with 35's on ,the front arch clearance isnt there and it would have most of the tyre hidden by the top of the wheel arch at the rear.

Sometime over the next year Ill probably chance the 15mm front/15 mm rear eibach, as long as their figures are accurate .
The ride height would be back to near normal on the 20" alloys with 225/35 tyres,barely over with 235/35 tyres.
Might do it before cmas n hope I wont be rubbing a sore back..,wonder how easy it is to fit bmw seats in a renault :d

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Took the plunge and bought the really expensive springs : j/k
These ones

Yes Im the, 1 sold, in this ad..they were also at sale price of £90 when I purchased.The reason I bought them now.
Too bad they arent black like the eibachs.but they are at least £80 cheaper.

So if I fit them and the car feels like its riding on the rims or whatever and I have to take them off, I wont lose too much.

Something like tyres.. there are a lot of opinions around on spring manufacturers/suppliers.
These ,have a chequered review history but so do some of the h+r,eibach and the hr are supposed to be very hard.

They come with a 3 yr guarantee(to original buyer),so it isnt a lifetime guarantee..then again renaulr dont give a lifetime one either!
The springs are made in Germany and the "rumour" is that its the same factory as Eibach,seems possiblecos the range of cars and lowering amounts are very similar,(hope these arent ones that dont pass the quality tests!).

Fitting £75 including alignment, may put the alloys back on , if I fit the springs before spring! :)

What are the odds that I will wait till March?

nb I had a little discussion with PI before purchase,
I wondered
a. Were these the 30mmfront 40mm rear lowering springs they sell for the 5 door and the grand tour(cos the coupe is 12 mm lower as standard).
They say no.
b.The quoted height drop of 15 front and 25 rear,whats the tolerance/variation on that .
They say final result will be within 10% of the quoted figures . ie 13.5-16.5 mm front and 22.5-27.5 mm rear.
Thas ok as long as they dont mean up to 10% variation from side to side! :)

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Arrived apparently at approx 9:30 am today, despatched on the 29th.
Thats the fastest Ive every received anything from the UK without paying big £ for overnight transit.
Hope the quality equates to the delivery speed.
I wonder would a renault mechanic notice these were non oem springs? :)


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For those interested: )

With some further investigation
These are "supersport" springs.A big clue here was the fact that Supersport was stamped on the colourfull box in big letters ;).

Seriously "Supersport" is a big brand in Germany and their products seem to be the same as "Lowtech" another known German brand of the bright red epoxy powder paint variety.
Supersport,well that sounds good, if a little optimistic.

Lowtech tho I can see how the name came about, ie actually hi tech lowering. doesnt sound so good in english..more like "bargain basement " :d

Another problem is people(like me prepurchase) googling for reviews on PI springs.
There are no PI springs as such,just springs supplied by them.
In a sense that gives me optimism cos the people who say PI springs suck are "hearsayers" ,theyre cheaper so they gotta be bad,more than those with actual experience.
Still we shall see.

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The original springs were fitted with plastic sleeves on the lower part of the front coils.(easy enough to remove the sleeves).
The fitter and I had some discussion on whether these should be refitted to the new coils.
The eventual decision was no as the new spring diameter is different and they seemed to be more of an exact fit for the mountings.
If I feel they should have been applied around the new springs later cos of noise or something ,no worries.
Right now it seems fine.
Ive seen these sleeves before, they dont last that long anyway,maybe 2-3 years and they begin to flake off.and have shredded.

There has been no change in the original drop achieved with the springs over 100 miles or so and bedded in.
17mm front 26 mm rear approx.

1st day things seemed a little "crashy" over small pothole type depressions , but seems fine now:
Either the dampers have become used to the new travel range,or ive become desensitised ;)
Throwing the car around a little,it feels more "planted " on the road.
Still a certain vagueness at times but I put that down to the "sway" on the high tread blocks of the front winter tyres..
Getting in and out my "body memory" hasnt caught up with the height change yet (the ride height has dropped about 3.5 cm since I last had my alloy wheels n tyres on) and I have to be very carefull about kerbs if parking front on.
Then again allways had to be anyway, but now just never let the front overhang the kerb.

When the alloys go back on, ride height should be the same as the normal coupe,a lil lower at the back.
The actual ride, wont know for awhile.
I feel it will be ok as long as the car doesnt start to "skip"/do small jumps in a handling/safety sense.
Pics are posted elsewhere on site.
I dont want to double,quadruple? :d post those.

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Re: Megane Mk III height,,rr and geometry

This mainly applies to the front wheels

1.Increasing your total tyre and wheel diameter, TWD.

Lets say like me you wanted to do this by about 5%,(4.66%in my case) and change the wheels at the same time.

This will affect your scrub radius/steering offset
The angle between a line down thru the middle of your suspension (kingpin) and the centre line of the tyre contact patch on the road and the point at which the lines intersect.

Maintaining the scrub radius as close to the original as possible should help the handling to stay predictable and not have any adverse effects on abs and braking.

Up to 5%TWD change is probably ok if your just changing the tyre height.Like going for a different profile 195/65/15 to 195/70 15 or similar.
Manufacturers oe wheels and tyre fittings vary by up to 1-2% TWD anyway for the same car.

If you are going to change the wheels too, to some nice new alloys , then you have to watch the wheel offset.

If your standard wheel offset is 45mm you will probably be able to fit wheels with an offset range of say 38-52mm.

I think it goes something like this.
If you are going for an increase in TWD then go for a lower offset 38-44mm(wheels stick out more/wider track)

Wont be many people going for a smaller TWD , but if there is a particular wheel you want to fit and its only available in the 46-52mm offset range then you would remain closer to the original suspension /steering geometry by going for a smaller TWD.

Fitting spacers ,leaving aside the stresses on the hubs etc and track changes, might be usefull if your offset is too large(too close in to the suspension.,or the brakes) and the wheels will still fit with them on! ,obviously there are no anti spacers or easy diy ways of adjusting the suspension/steering angle.

Just something to consider ^.

There are stand alone offset calculators around like
and others

I dont think there are any scrub radius calculators for wheel and tyre changes out there.
btw I got my aftermarket wheels with a 2mm lower offset than standard.

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Re: Megane Mk III height,,rr and geometry

What were the springs like to fit? I've only ever changed the springs on my 05 clio. These were easy enough to do. Hope the megane will be the same!

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:) Ive never personally changed springs on any car.

The back ones would have been easy enough , but Id have had to buy clamps..
The front would have been a real pain the lower black plastic parts of windscreen have to be removed and also didnt have the correct tools for the struts .or compressed air power!.
The wheel alignment after the change DIY way for me to do that either.
So I paid my 84 euro/£67 and that included wheel alignment.
It took them about 2 hrs.

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