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Please could anyone give me an idea what the problem could be, I was driving along a dual carriageway and the car was running fantastic pulled over into some services then the car just stopped running.
RAC then come out looked over the car checked fuel pump, TDC sensor was clean etc, but could not find the problem eventually towed home.
Then we had a guy come round with a diagnostic machine which then said that the camshaft sensor was at fault, so I purchased a sensor from renault £109 put the sensor on, nothing!!
Then another mechanic said that sometime's these sensors can cause lots of problems so I then changed the crankshaft sensor, this made no diffrence.
What I have noticed that the fuel pressure regulator is making a high pitched buzzing noise, when you take of the pressure sensor this then stops buzzing, should this be doing this?
The car just turns over, there is a spark on the plugs, but it appears that there is no fuel getting in the pots.
There is fuel at the pressure reg and at the fuel pressure sensor.
The diagnostic machine does not now come up with any faults and also the engine management light is not on.
Any help would be much appreciated.

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