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Hi, could I have advice/help please with my problem..
I have a 1.4 Dymanique, 53 plate and 38000 miles on the clock. 2 weeks ago the service light came on and check injection message (the engine managment light did not come on), the car ran very rough, like it was running on three cylinders and would not rev above 3500rpm(limp home mode). RAC came out and plugged in the laptop and said the fault is the throttle control motor and needed to go to a garage to be fixed, later on that day the fault went and now comes back randomly. So far have been to 3 different garages (not dealers I can not get in there for 2.5 weeks) no-one can identify the fault as it is not logged in the ECU, even when the service/check injection message is showing and the engine is running rough the garages diagnostic machine still shows no fault when plugged in. So far I have replaced a coil (which was thought to be faulty, only replaced all the coils in January) tried a new airflow meter sensor, cleaned the throttle housing, changed spark plugs and still this random fault comes back.

Please does anyone have any ideas that I can try? or has anyone had this sort of problem before? (sorry about the long post)

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