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Morning Guys,

My Modus 1.5 dci is giving me some starting problems, It always start but it’s a long crank when cold. After the motor has started it will start ok after that till left off for a couple of hrs.
It’s had the problem since I’ve had the car, When I first got it(over a year) I changed all the glow plugs, all filters(Diesel Filter included) cam sensor and crank sensor and nothing really helped it.
The cam belt needed doing when I got the car and just recently I finally got it changed, my mechanic guy said that whoever fitted it last time(Renault garage) really didn’t do a good job of it as it was all off.
Since its been changed the motor even sounds lower/calmer, but the long crank is still there… This week after reading around a bit I thought to try pumping the priming bulb before putting the key in the ignition, it felt empty when I first pumped it, So I pumped till it got hard and started her up, that helped and a lot was a lot faster starting.
I have been doing that now since Monday and it starts a lot better, now it feels full and after a pump or 2 The car will fire up after a second or two.

Does anyone know what/Where I should start looking? New diesel Filter, Change the fuel pump?


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Does the pump in the fuel tank run and then stop when you turn on?
Should be a low hum under the back seat for a few seconds or so while it primes the system.

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If there is a priming bulb, there is no pump in the tank !

What you are describing is typical of a car with a fuel feed leak.
Common points are primer bulb split, connections (such as to fuel filter) or worn pipes (rubbing on engine)
Otherwise leaky injectors could be the issue.
Grease fuel feed connections.
If an aftermarket filter, notorious for pipes being undersized and causing this issue.
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